Astrologer Dev Shastri

ज्योतिष् घराने की पाँचवी पीडी से खानदानी पंडित देव शास्त्री (महान समाधान कर्ता) 25 साल से स्थाई ज्योतिषी – अध्यात्मिक – कर्मकांडी – तांत्रिक शेत्र में ट्रिपल गोल्ड मेडलिस्ट एवम् भ्गु ज्योतिष् रत्न से सन्मा नित | छोटी सी उम्र में कई ज्योतिषी संस्थाओं से सन्मानित रह चुके |

Pandit Dev Sharma - world-famous astrologer / Pandit began his spiritual journey at the age of 12. Born into a family of astrologers and Brahman priests, he is now his third generation. He began learning astrology and Vedic rituals since childhood. The vast knowledge he possesses has been transmitted to him by his ancestors.

In addition, the natural talent of the Dev Sharma Pandit for Astrology and Vedic Learning comes from his father, a well-known name in Rajasthan, Rajasthan State. Despite all his predictions, Pandit Dev Sharma uses his experience and knowledge of astrology to provide accurate solutions, helping to identify and achieve goals; recognizing the unexpected obstacles that can be faced.

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